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Lisianthus in style


Adriana and Alwin Pippel are the enthusiastic entrepreneurs behind the company Lisianthus in Style. After several years of being active in growing summer flowers and disbudded chrysanthemums, they have now started a modern new company of 30,000 m2 in Zuilichem. Here, the highest quality Lisianthus are produced all year round with the most modern production means and a sophisticated cultivation plan. With this they focus on the specialist trade in the European market. Together with salesman Leon Kuijt, they would like to establish a good relationship with their customers!

Lisianthus in style


“Ambitious”, that's how the entrepreneurs of L.I.S. can be described in one word. Owner Alwin Pippel has had this ambition from an early age. In 2006 he started his own company in the cultivation of disbudded chrysanthemums. What started with a piece of land of 1 hectare, was quickly expanded to 5 hectares, and in 2011 it was time for the first greenhouse. The four hectares of glass in Zaltbommel provided space for the seasonal products: Pansies, Campanulas, Ranunculus, Chrysanthemums and Brassica. But also outside expansion took place with 2 hectares in disbudded chrysanthemums.

A second greenhouse was added in Gameren in 2013 and Adriana Pippel joined the company as an entrepreneur. With a total area of 6 hectares under glass, the point was reached to divest the outdoor locations. The third greenhouse is now a fact. From November 2014, the new location in Zuilichem, where Lisianthus is produced, has been purchased.
L.I.S. Born.


Alwin Pippel

Alwin Pippel is one of the passionate entrepreneurs of L.I.S. Growing up at the horticultural business of his parents, he could not wait to start his own cultivation. Lisianthus is certainly not his first crop!

Since 2006 he has been active with full dedication as an entrepreneur in the floriculture sector. Typically, Alwin? Going for the top, with the future in sight!

Adriana Pippel

Behind every successful man is a strong woman. Adriana Pippel gave up her job in special education in December 2012 to focus entirely on their own company together with her husband.

She is in charge of the Zaltbommel business location and ensures the administration of the entire company is in perfect order.


Leon Kuÿt

The sales of L.I.S. is provided by Leon Kuijt, who has worked in flowers from an early age, the last years as a seller for growers.

“Lisianthus is a fantastic product that continues to develop. L.I.S. stands for high quality aimed at the wholesale trade and I am happy to support them in that!”